Siwa Oasis Shines: Middle East’s First Eco-Nursery Takes Root

Egypt celebrated the establishment of its first environmentally friendly nursery in Agormi village, located in Siwa Oasis (southwest of Egypt). This news was shared by the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity, in partnership with the Ministry of Housing. The Social Solidarity Ministry announced it will open for admissions within months.

The nursery building is completely eco-friendly, using natural materials for construction and energy-saving features inside. As stated by the ministry, the aim is to create a healthy atmosphere while also saving energy.

Nevine El-Kabbaj, the Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity, mentioned, “In collaboration with the Central Agency for Housing and Building Research under the Ministry of Housing, we established Egypt’s and the Arab world’s first eco-friendly nursery in Agormi village, Siwa.”

The building’s concrete structure was swapped for a wooden frame using jojoba tree wood, which is resilient in Egypt’s hot climate. It can also be partly watered with treated sewage, making it cost-effective.

Walls are made from natural soil instead of bricks and coated with treated soil instead of regular cement plaster, eliminating the use of manufactured building material that is often harmful to Siwa’s delicate ecosystem.

This project will help raise the awareness of Siwa’s children about the importance of environmentally friendly practices and will be a gateway for further future steps to be taken in other urban centers in Egypt.

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