After Historic Rainfall, Dubai Launches AED 80 Billion Sewerage Overhaul

In an unprecedented moment, on April 16, Dubai suffered a historic weather event. The heaviest rain ever recorded in the country flooded many parts of the city in the span of hours.

Flash forward to today, Dubai authorities are hard at work building an AED 80 billion sewerage system approved by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

Back in June 2023, Sheikh Hamdan approved the AED 80 billion project, which became prioritized by authorities following the recent storms.

What’s The Plan?

Strategic tunnels will be built in Dubai’s Jebel Ali and Warsan stations. The new sewage system aligns with both the D33 and the Dubai Urban Plan 2040, which aims to reduce carbon emissions by 25%, reduce main pumping stations from 13 to 2, and reduce main wastewater treatment plants from 20 to 2.

The biggest plan is to reach a 100% safe sewage rate.


This is in line with the UAE’s push to set new standards in future readiness as well as develop an integrated infrastructure that is better than that of the world’s best.

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