Why Is Shrimp Konafa Sushi an Actual Thing in Egypt?



Ahhh, Ramadan! You really get our creative juices flowing. Especially when it comes to desserts. In Egypt, a7na we take creative to the next level sa3at, sometimes resulting in masterpieces, but most times it ends up being bizarre; which is why we’re gathered here right now. We give you the shrimp konafa sushi.




Egyptian cooking company, Food Mazboot, released a video a couple of days ago of their chef Amr Nagui creating the strangest Ramadan dessert/food ever. We want to know why? How dare you do this to sushi? Have you got no honor? We’ll never look at our favorite Japanese seafood dish the same ever again. What’s next? Konafa bel omelette? Konafa ma3a roz w molokheya? WHAT? Sushi bel ta3meya? Oh, wait! That’s actually a thing you’ve created as well.


sushi with falafel


Matez3aloosh menena ya Food Mazboot, we just really love our sushi and don’t like anyone messing around with it, OKAY?!?! If it makes you feel better, we love your Lord of the Rings pizza.




Anyway ya gama3a, if you’re one of those people who actually are okay with the shrimp konafa sushi, here’s a video teaching you how to make them. *whispers* ekhs 3aleko *whispers*



WE SAID THIS: Let us know what you honestly feel about the shrimp konafa sushi in the comments section.