SHEIN Teams Up With Kuwaiti Dr. Kholoud For A Special Ramadan Collection

SHEIN is one of the largest online shopping platforms for fashion and accessories in the world. This year, SHEIN was brought into the Middle East hard and strong, with the help of Kuwaiti Dr. Kholoud! As Shein collaborates on a regular basis with fashionistas, Kholoud is considered a leading personality in the Arab world. Moreover, Shein represents effortless fashion and individuality. Ramadan this year has certainly come in style!

Shein Collection

Inspired by women, for women, the collection has four different themes, each standing for a different type of Middle Eastern woman. Additionally, Kholoud helped create the collection herself to empower women, and every piece of clothing generates confidence in females. The four themes for the collection are effortlessly elegant, modest opulence, romantic bestie, and vintage loungewear. Check them out!

Effortlessly Elegant

For modern women, this collection is modest and feminine. With loose clothes and dramatic patterns and huge sleeves, this theme is all about modern patterns. This one is for the chic, businesswoman. Check out the garment below to see what we’re all about!

X Dr.kholoud SHEIN فستان مطوي الصاف أنيقة
Via Shein

Modest Opulence

A collection of traditional kaftans, tunics, and ankle-length skirts, this collection is designed for Ramadan gatherings with traditional designs. With warm bright colors, silk and lace, they are the epitome of true luxury designs. This theme is dedicated to the queens out there, earning you respect by default.

SHEIN X Dr.kholoud Keyhole Neck Graphic Embroidered Cape Jumpsuit
Via Shein

Romantic Bestie

A fun and colorful theme filled with imagination and summary vibes, the Romantic Bestie consists of ruffles, pleating, fun prints, tie-dye, and floral patterns for all the the wild and adventurous ladies out there! Below are just hints of the wild journey ahead of you.

SHEIN X Dr.kholoud 1PC Puff Sleeve Embroidered Mesh Ruffle Trim Top
Via Shein

Vintage Loungewear

Everyone knows you spend most of your time in Ramadan in pajamas, and we’re all about this vintage loungewear collection, available for all genders. Representing comfort with luxury, these pajamas and robes are made with top-notch fabrics and colorful designs!

SHEIN X Dr.kholoud Notched Collar Contrast Binding Floral Blouse & Pants PJ Set
Via Shein

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