See Beyond: University Students Are Addressing Mental Health Issues With This Campaign

In the past decade, a lot of effort has been put into raising awareness on mental health, its importance, and removing the stigma that surrounds its illnesses. People are more aware than ever with their emotional and mental wellbeing, yet we’re still very far from where we should be, especially in the Arab World.

Today, we’re highlighting one of those campaigns trying to raise awareness and address problems related to mental health and emotional scars. A group of students from Misr International University (MIU) created a campaign called “See Beyond” for their graduation project.

The campaign targets youth and aims to encourage conversations about their emotional scars and all emotional barriers hindering them from living their lives to the fullest.

It also urges them to explore channels through which they can find their preferred coping mechanisms such as art therapy and yoga therapy. Additionally, the campaign also encourages finding outlets to turn mental health issues into creative endeavours such as journalism, music, and many others to help sufferers find peace with themselves.

WE SAID THIS: Head to their page, show them some support, and help spread the message.

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