Securing the Future: 5 Ways to Give Your Business the Boost it Needs

The business environment is always in a state of constant change, and there are many small businesses and startups that have struggled to stay afloat or compete in the online space, that is the future of business. There are five things that every business can do to improve what it is they’re currently doing, and below are five ways!

These business tips are set out in a logical manner, and if you start with those listed first, you will be able to use the first steps to progressively build towards the next. Starting off with perfecting your business analysis skills is noted at the top of the list. It will be these skills that allow you and your business to understand the subsequent tips, and be able to fully implement these with the knowledge you can get from a business analytics masters online.

Use the data you have for business analytics

In a time where information and data are so important, it is critical for all businesses to be able to use this data to improve their function and operations. Business analytics masters online has become the go-to learning for most successful business. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses, the use of data to determine and plot the future has become intrinsic to their business models. The number and proliferation of data-based courses such as the business analytics masters online are the result of the interest in this sector.

Regardless of whether your business has not been on the internet and you believe that you do not have the data available to use, think again. There will be transaction data as well as all the descriptive customer data that all businesses will have generated. The secret is to understand what you are looking for and why. The training mentioned above will be the start point, but it will help if you know why you need this training and how it can help the business.

The skills that can be gained from a business analytics masters online have become more important as business margins tighten. All businesses look for ways to increase revenue, take over more market share, and lure customers away from their competitors. All while staying profitable and keeping costs down. As the nature of business risk changes and increases, the business analytics masters online and the skills garnered therein have become an essential component of any successful business. This is the position that is able to look at all the company data in unison, and plot an innovative and successful way through or around any risks that arise.

Some would go as far as to say that a good business analyst will be able to predict and avoid business risk altogether. Having the skills to do this in your business from the outset would be best. However, it is an ongoing process, and these skills will need to be refreshed from time to time, and the business will need to be at the cutting edge of both knowledge and know-how. The right tech will be an essential component in this process.

Upgrade your tech and software/SaaS

If your business is going to compete with others in your sector, then you need to be on the same platform. Integrate your software and ensure that you have the industry-leading platforms and software for your customers to interact with you. The main aim of any upgrades in the current business environment is integration; you must be able to connect all the applications and software that your business uses. After this, connecting with customers and clients is the next step.

An easy way to do this is to implement software as a service contract with your providers. This is indeed the one area of the business where it will prove more cost-effective to outsource the function, support, and for maintenance. Software as a service is whereby your business can access industry-leading software and apps through your IT service provider. If you have done your research and found the right IT supplier, they will also be able to provide you with access to large off-site data storage, but the key provision will be the software that you can then use to perform some of the analytics, or data sorting that good analytics will require.

Be it financial software and apps that save and store transactional data, or the simpler purchasing software that takes descriptive data from customers, all of this is essential data and can be used to drive the business forward. There are definitely costs associated with this business strategy, and many have sought to avoid these by looking for free data analysis tools. They are indeed available but may not provide the same data security or level of analysis as others out there. Do your research and use the skills that can be gained from a business analytics masters online course to plan for these, and source and secure the best software and hardware with associated support for your business. The cost-benefit of having access to the same software and support as the industry leaders makes the right SaaS a far safer option, and should be one of the top priorities for your business going forward.

Set in place systems to collect more data

Once your business has access to the appropriate software, tech, and the personnel to use it, then the business will be in a position to both understand what data is essential for growth, and to develop a risk-avoidance strategy.

The more data you have about your business, the better you will be able to plot your way around risk. Data allows a business to understand its customers and environment in a way that can yield higher returns. The information that should be collected will show the where, what, when, and whys of customer and client shopping habits and decisions. Once you have upgraded the software and apps that are used by the business, you will be able to install more catch points in your business systems. These catch points are places in the business process where you are able to collect information on the business as well as your customers/clients, suppliers, and the market as a whole.

The better the tech and information technology business systems, the better you will be able to gather this information, and once you have it, it can be mined for analytics.

Once the business has put in place the required software and technology, the process of data collection, storage, and analysis will be simple. The business will also be able to begin to adjust these systems once in place to gather more detailed or specific information that the trained business analyst may request.

Save by developing the skills in-house

Outsourcing has been all the rage for various reasons, but there is a lot to be said for keeping it all in-house when it comes to business strategy and analytics. In times of increased business risk and market fluctuations, businesses have to be able to think, plan and act far quicker and seamlessly than ever before. Keeping these functions within the business, no matter how small or big, will allow for the best coordination and flexibility in terms of marketing and operations. Being able to adapt or change a service, product, or business process to suit customer or industry needs is an essential component of the modern sustainable business. Having to rely on consultants and outside expertise to make these changes or, in fact, the decision to change can, in effect, defeat the purpose. If a change must be quick, immediate, and effective, then it must happen from within, and the decision-making process must be transparent and obvious to all involved in the change or adaptations. This can only happen if the business is driving these processes and they are based on genuine data.

It is thus worth building these skills and expertise within the business. For many a business where strategy has been outsourced, there have been issues of poor planning in a crisis, and the inability of leadership to steer the business through the tough times. Building leadership and strategic thinking skills within the business will prove less costly than having to intermittently bring in highly paid consultants to do this job for you.

Furthermore, the business information required to make effective business decisions through professional analytics should be kept confidential. For many small and large businesses alike, the business analytics masters online have managed to do just this. Staff and management can be capacitated while they work, and systems and processes improved while they study online.

Improve your brand and use the data to drive sales

Your brand is what attracts the customer or client. If you have a credible backstory, or are able to promote your green and sustainable credentials. All these are things that will go a long way to establishing your brand. Use social media and ensure that your presence is consistent and true to your brand and back story. Modern businesses use influencers to promote products or services, and this is a great way to build the brand. So, there are some generic things the business can do, but when the data and the business analytics masters online skills are available, then this is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for the brand.

For brand development and improvement, most degree courses will focus on brand analytics. This is where the analytics can identify the precise likes of your customer and client demographic. Using the numbers and the data, your business can experiment with different online content formats all to create further interest amongst your audience. With the business analytics masters online, your business will be able to tweak or adjust the way you tell your brand story, and even the components of this story that you tell each of the demographics out there will be interested in the brand. Your marketing and sales strategy can become pinpoint accurate and specific to type. However, you will need as much information as is available out there and online as to customer numbers, likes, dislikes, ages, genders, and a myriad of additional economic and societal factors to make this an effective strategy.

Should the business be online or in e-commerce, then business analytics masters online will allow you to track performance with big data over a long period of time, easily identify top-selling products or services, and know what sells best where. This will, in turn, focus your marketing, and allow an increase in sales and boost the brand.

Lastly, the business can and should use email, mobile, text, and SMS data to better understand the customer, how often they communicate, and why is it after-sales service or shopping that drives up the hits? The business must be aware of this and use it to its advantage.

This can all be done using the data that you have created, and the processes learned in a  business analytics masters online degree. The brand and the story you weave around it must be genuine, but it must also speak to your clients or customers. The manner in which you research them and use the customer data to analyze what sells and to who, will make you able to tweak or adjust your branding to capture more market share.


The irony is that all of the aspects noted herein for business improvement can be identified and dealt with by studying the business analytics masters online. It is somewhat of a misnomer to note five things that can be done to improve the business, when in fact, there is just one key thing to do, and that is to institute a process of learning and development to ensure that there are business analytics skills of the highest caliber within the firm. These can then be used to drive the aforementioned in a logical, planned fashion that will improve business functions and processes and future proof the business from certain business risk.

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