Behind the Scenes: Hala Al Abbasi Unites Millions Globally with her Instagram Ramadan Stickers

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, we’ll undoubtedly bump across daily stories of Ramadan dishes, outings, late sohoor nights, decorations, and the list goes on. However, for Ramadan 2021, something unique popped up on Instagram. Bahraini artist and graphic designer Hala Al Abbasi was approached by Instagram in creating the first Ramadan sticker for the social platform. The three stickers she designed enables a feature that allows a user in seeing all the stories with these stickers attached to them from everyone you follow, within one shared story. Given that Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims globally, this sticker stretched its way in reaching all corners of the world, uniting everyone in celebrating the holy month. We asked Hala Al Abbasi some questions regarding her special contribution, as this was her first time in collaborating with Instagram, and we were not disappointed. Check out her answers below!

Tell us about yourself

I am a designer, artist and an illustrator. I am very passionate about what I do, and love to create new amazing things for people with my designs, and express myself through my art to spread love and joy with people. I started my art journey when I was child in my early years. I grew up loving to draw and express myself through art. My mom encouraged me to do what I love and improve my skills and try new things with handcrafts and art. I went through many phases with my art, tried a lot of materials until I experienced digital art and chose to focus on it to be an illustrator. I felt like I finally found what I love most, and the way I can express myself through it. I am a full time designer and artist; I found my passion and joy in it, and I really love to spread love and joy through the digital platform with the people, and want to grow and bring them into life. 

How did you come up with the idea?

Ramadan is the most beautiful, spiritual and elevating month in the Islamic calendar. It encourages people to maintain new good habits, and continue the progress. Muslims tend to wait for the new month’s moon to appear before they announce the first day of Ramadan. Also, once the sun sets, people break their fast starting with dates and water followed by an iftar meal. When Ramadan rolls around, people put forth extra effort to be the best versions of themselves, and tend to go to mosques to pray the taraweeh prayer, besides the five prayers. With these vibes, spirits and inspirations, I created the stickers to share the most important and beautiful moments of Ramadan with people.

What were you aiming to achieve from this project/collaboration?

The happy and beautiful atmosphere that we share in Ramadan with our families and loved ones were my main inspiration. I wanted to share the love and joy, and reflect that through the stickers and make them so colorful, so people around the world can share and use them during their daily routine in Ramadan and feel happy.

Tell us about your future projects

I am open for more opportunities to work with brands and big projects in the near future.

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