Scoop’s Christmas Gift Guide: Top Gift Ideas Tailored To Your Fashionable Friends

The ideal Christmas gift is not an easy pick but if you know who you’re buying the gift for things get a lot easier. If your friend is a fashionista who just looks dashing all the time then your task just got way simpler. Scoop’s also got your back as we have a couple ideas of our own on what you should buy your chic friend.

Cargo pants

Back in the 80s and 90s, these loose military-style pants with their two large front pockets were the ultimate trend. Today, they are more popular than before and have even been sported by supermodels like Gigi Hadid. To many, they are considered a fashion staple that is equally convenient and practical and can be paired with everything from a leather jacket or white button-down shirt to a sweatshirt or bomber jacket.

Via Subdued

Being so popular, you have plenty of online stores to pick from with most branches selling for an average of 400 EGP. Some top picks to go for include Egypt’s ImagineX online store where you can buy a pair of cargo pants for 400 EGP. The store ships to both Egypt and the UAE. You can also go for Majesty which is on the pricier side with one pair of cargo pants costing 750 LE but for the higher price, you get access to more color options and looser fitting pants.

Wool Jacket

Fluffy, soft, and stylish, oversized wool jackets are everyone’s go-to during this winter season. Wearing them feels like you are receiving a warm hug which is a perfect way to cozy up during the upcoming chilly days. These jackets come in all sizes, colors, and styles; whether it’s their simpler variations that give off a cool, casual vibe or their more elegant and chic jackets that are perfect during a fun night out with friends.

To get your friend one of these winter staples, you can head to H&M’s online store and check out their wool winter collection. One of our top picks is their regular fit faux shearling jacket that comes in either black or beige and costs 750 LE. For a more over-the-top gift, you can surprise your friend by getting them H&M’s beige oversized wool-blend popover jacket that costs EGP 1,979.

90s Vintage Sunglasses

If your friend is someone known to love the glitz and glam of fashion, they will want to don a pair of fashionable 90s vintage sunglasses. Their bold and chic and are so well-loved that they have been revived by supermodel, Iman Hammam who partnered with Port Ranger to release the ultimate 90s eyewear collection. The special eyewear gives a nod to 90s nostalgia with its thick frames and tinted glasses. Time to impress your friend by buying them a pair of this vintage eyewear.

Through Amazon, you can get your hands on a classic pair of black square frame 90s sunglasses for 260 LE or their bright yellow tinted glasses for 182 LE.

Bucket Hats

Ever since celebrities like Bella Hadid donned the infamous bucket hat, it made a huge comeback and became the ultimate trend, especially during the summer season. That is not to say that the famous hat is only reserved for the summer months as with winter finally here, several brands have started releasing woolen versions with unique patterns.

To gift your friend one of these wintery hats, you can check out Jumia’s rich collection of bucket hats that comes in many different patterns including the classic leopard print as well as the popular black and white Dalmatian print. Prices range from 100 to 700 EGP depending on the type of fabric used to make the bucket hat.

Tribal Bomber Jacket

Having a friend who is an all-time fashionista may mean that they probably have jackets of all shapes and sizes. That is why you should shoot for something a little different and that is where Egypt’s Palma tribal bomber jackets come in. These oversized jackets are pretty thick, made of suede on their outside and fur on their inside so have the potential to warm up anyone who puts them on. They are also adorned with a special tribal pattern that gives them a cool bohemian vibe.

It’s a great gift for any fashionista who wants to stand out and make a statement. To get your hands on one of these jackets, you can head to Palma’s official page and buy the jacket for 1119.20 EGP.

With this list, you’ve got some unique staple outfits and accessories to pick from that even your most fashionable friend may not already have. You’ve also got a wide net of prices from the reasonable to the pricy. Whatever you pick, we’re sure your friend will love it and dub you the best gift giver out of your entire squad.

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