Scoop’s Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friend!

With Christmas so close, buying Christmas gifts is on top of the to-do list. We know it’s not so easy, that’s why we got you covered. In case you wanna buy the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves food and cooking, we know exactly what it can be. If you don’t like any of them, you can invite them for a Christmas dinner. Until then, Scoop has 10 ideas that you can choose from for all your foodie buddies!

Waffle Maker

If your friend is into sweets, a waffle maker is the go-to option. Making breakfast has never been faster.

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Rice cooker

Forget about the messy ways to make rice. Your food bon vivant of a friend would really appreciate this Christmas gift.

Air Fryer

This can be used for many items, anything that can be baked can be cooked in an air fryer. Any gourmand would be happy to have this.

Embossing Rolling Pins

If your friend is specifically into baking, those rolling pins would definitely up their baking game.


Honestly, if a gastronomist doesn’t have a toaster by now, then do they even love food?

Cooking book

Cooking books are game-changers. Just make sure to tell your foodie friend that you aren’t giving them a hint.

Donut maker

Here’s another option for baking lovers. Donuts can definitely kick their dining table up a notch.

Stand Mixer

That gift would open so many doors for your friend, with endless possibilities of making hundreds of meals! So, if you bought it, get ready to be showered with love.

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Meat thermometer

This gift is perfect if you’re into buying small items. Meanwhile, well-cooked and delicious meat is guaranteed.

Immersion Blender

Now that can be used for cooking and making smoothies! You’d be doing your friend a favor if you got them this blender.

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