Scoop’s Christmas Gift Guide: Top Gift Ideas For Your Foodie Friend

It’s the holiday season so buying Christmas gifts will probably be on top of everyone’s to-do list. We know it’s not so easy, that’s why we got you covered. If you are the kind of person who has a friend who loves food, cooking and is considered an all-time foodie, we’ve got some cool ideas that you can choose from for the ultimate Christmas gift.

Air Fryer

Who says crispy French fries and fried chicken can’t be healthy? For the fast food buffs out there who want to indulge in their favorite dishes without feeling that bout of guilt, an air fryer can be the perfect way to do so. Air fryers offer a healthier alternative to deep frying as you’ll only need one to two teaspoons of oil to fry up anything from chicken to fish and with that, you’ll have reduced the amount of fat, calories and harmful compounds in your food. It’s also great on a very busy day as it doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes to cook most dishes.

To get your hands on this special kitchenware, we recommend browsing through Egypt’s Amazon as it offers air fryers at lower costs compared to stores and other online shops. Their cheapest option is the Mienta Supreme Air Fryer that costs 2992 EGP which is still expensive but in the long run, it offers a quick way to cook entire meals for six people and goes beyond just frying as its equipped with roasting, defrosting as well as baking and grilling options.

Picnic Basket

The weather is finally at a satisfying low making us all want to hit the outdoors for that much-needed dose of vitamin C. By now, most of us are bored of indoor restaurants and dark-lit cafes and crave a more refreshing kind of dining experience. There is no better time than now for an all-out picnic in the great outdoors. To get your friend ready for the ultimate outdoor escapade, it’s time to get your hands on a picnic basket.

Via Jumia

There are many ways to go about this but if you are in a hurry, a quick option would be to buy a basket online through Egypt’s Amazon. They have a simple pink plastic basket for 110 EGP that you can securely fill with your favorite snacks and sandwiches and easily travel with because of it having a lid. For a fancier option, you can go for a full-fledged elegantly designed basket with red checkered linen cotton cloth that will cost 517 EGP on Jumia. Whichever option you go for, both ways your friend will get their chance to live out their outdoor dining dreams.

“Cooking With Mama Wafaa” Cookbook

Whether on TikTok or YouTube, nothing beats the daily nuggets of comedic shenanigans between Mai and mama Wafaa, the popular Egyptian mother-daughter duo who took social media by storm. Mai has been creating hilarious content with her mother for years now with some of our favorite moments being when the two would spend time together in the kitchen. Mama Wafaa would expertly whip out delicious Egyptian dishes including her famous meat pie known as roqaq while Mai would attempt yet hilariously fail at assisting her mum.

Now that Mai is married and moved out of the house, mama Wafaa took it as an opportunity to write up some of her best recipes and create her very own first-ever cookbook. If your friend is a foodie as well as a fan of Mai’s Vault, this will be the ultimate gift that will probably already be on their bucket list. To buy the book, you can pre-order it through Mai’s official website.

A 4-Kitchen Herb

Herbs of any kind are the perfect way to add flavor, color and fragrance to any dish, making them go from mundane to delectable. Everything from parsley, thyme and dill to sage, basil and rosemary are considered quintessential staples that will easily be found in the pantry of most households. So you may be wondering how would buying someone a collection of herbs be considered a good gift if they already have them on hand? Most people would already have the store-bought packaged herbs you’d find anywhere but the gift we recommend is a little different.

Why buy them ready and picked out when your friend can watch them rise and grow out of a pot? Through Mashtal Egypt you can buy your friend a 4 piece kitchen herb set for 185 LE of either basil, mint, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, Italian basil, marjoram, chives or thyme. It’s a great way to cook using all-natural ingredients that sort of mimic what farm-to-table initiatives have been trying to accomplish.

Pizza Mini Oven

Nothing beats the ultimate comfort food packed with cheesy, fatty goodness and every topping imaginable. A pizza is considered the ultimate holy grail, it is so well-loved that it is very rare to find someone who dislikes it. The thing about pizzas though is that they are quite tedious to make at home making most people revert to ordering their pie online from their favorite pizza branch.

Via Dornob

If you have a friend who loves pizza but can’t be bothered to make it at home, it’s time for them to own an invention known as the pizza mini oven. This oven does the impossible, thanks to its high cooking temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius, it can prepare a pizza in five minutes. It’s time to turn your friend’s cheese-filled dream into a reality by buying this cool mini oven through Virgin Megastore‘s UAE online website.

Let us know if we missed any other cool gifts and whether you chose any of these gifts for your friend.

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