Saving Batata: How Pawsket is Contributing to the Adopt Don’t Shop Movement

To cultivate the adopt-don’t-shop culture, Pawsket App has been supporting people who rescue stray animals from the street. Rescuing stray dogs and cats is a laborious task. It is especially challenging nowadays, with poison scattered here and there, and with the soaring prices of pet-care products, the trouble doubles.

Pawsket is an Egyptian app-based marketplace that has been offering pet guardians everything they need; from wet and dry food to perfume and animal-specific medicine. The app launched in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in December 2019, thus, it came just in time to allow pet guardians to purchase their pets’ needs without having to go to the grocery store and risk contracting the virus.

Batata and Salma

Pawsket activates 50% off promo codes to whoever saves a stray cat or dog. The idea that later became a habit came to Samer Sarhan, Pawsket’s business operations manager after a hero called Salma Helmy wanted to save a newborn kitten (Batata) without her mother, fighting for her life on the streets of Heliopolis, but didn’t find the right milk formula within her budget, and the alternative had been out of stock for a long time. Salma called Hagar Saad, Pawsket App’s customer satisfaction officer, who told Salma “Don’t worry I’ll find a solution”, and reached out to Samer.

Egypt’s animal population is suffering and it’s initiatives like these that give us glimmers of hope that one day we can create a world that’s safe for our furry companions.

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