7emaya: Fighting Sexual Harassment in Egypt With Tech

It goes without saying that everyone deserves to feel safe. A week ago, an ambitious group of young Egyptians teamed up to create Egypt’s first anti-sexual harassment technological solution, through the country’s first anti-sexual harassment hackathon.

Teams of programmers, designers, and activists will participate, and with the help of experts in law, psychology, and tech, they will be assisted in turning their idea into a full-fledged solution. The three-day online Hackathon will be held from August 13-16, 2020, and the top three teams will be selected to compete for an opportunity to implement, fund, and develop their solution.

The solution aims to have three branches: preventative, immediate, and recovery. And to add to that, Egypt’s largest Startup accelerator, Falak Start-ups, will be pitching in and supporting any solution that is proven worthy. Join the hackathon now!

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