Here’s Why Saudi Men Are Not Here for Coca-Cola Middle East’s Latest Ad

Via Youtube


Coca-Cola Middle East has just released their latest ad that shows a father teaching his daughter how to drive – this obviously refers to Saudi Arabia’s recent ruling that finally allowed women to drive. The daughter is seen having a tough time trying to work out the vehicle, but after one sip of Coca-Cola, she turns into Mia Toretto.


Via Youtube


Indeed, the ad is very light, simple, basic, and lacks a solid or fresh innovative twist. However, it sparked plenty of debates and slowly turned controversial for all the wrong reasons.


The comment reads: They are trying to suggest that women are not free in Islam.

Some radical conservatives in Saudi Arabia were offended by how the West is trying inject the idea that it is okay for women to drive to our future generations.


The comment reads: The West is trying to normalize the idea of women driving. The only want us to follow their lifestyles.


NEWSFLASH: it is okay for women to drive, and we are happy with the latest policy that has been issued in the Kingdom.


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