Saudi Federation Gives Green Light For Its First Official Women’s Football League!

Saudi Arabia has long been criticized for its severe limitations on women’s participation in sports. Previously lacking a women’s football team, this caused several young women to abandon their dreams of becoming professional football players.

Fortunately, Saudi Arabia has finally given its approval and has launched its first professional women’s football league! As a result, a number of young women have been inspired to pursue careers as professional football players and represent their country at international events. The prospect of competing in world-class events will improve the girls’ performances and pave the road for many future achievements.

Monika Staab

Monika Staab, from Germany, was named head coach of the women’s national team. Staab won the inaugural UEFA Women’s Cup in 2002 managing of Eintracht Frankfurt.

The Saudi Football Federation made the announcement, stating that the women’s league will consist of 16 teams who will compete in games held in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

Monika Staab, a German coach, leads a training session for the newly formed Saudi Women’s National Football Team. Via: The Straits Times

Everything is brand new, as when a baby learns to walk and stand. However, they would be number one in the Gulf in five to eight years, which would be a significant achievement.

Monika Staab expressed her excietment, via: The Straits Times

Farah Jafri

Farah Jafri, one of Saudi Arabia’s most notable female football players and Adidas brand ambassadors. She’s revealed her excitement and ambition is to one day play professionally in England’s Premier League as well as represent her country at the World Cup.

I had some difficulties at the beginning of my football career because not everyone accepted it, but my family and friends were quite supportive.

The Saudi women’s national team is currently preparing for their first friendly match, which will take place in February.

This is wonderful news for Saudi ladies who want to participate in their beloved sport and compete against the finest in the world. The beauty of sports is that it has always been a kind of empowerment. Sports allow us to connect and live our aspirations in a natural and unforced way.

Saudi women will now be able to showcase their talent and dedication to the sport to the rest of the globe. This serves as a powerful example to other women in the region to never give up on their aspirations and strive for greatness and freedom.

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