Saudi Arabia to Host a Concert for the Legendary Umm Kulthum in 2019 and Here’s How!

Via Egyptian Streets

Saudi Arabia has been releasing interesting news lately, with Saudi women hitting the roads for the first time in the history of the kingdom, to organizing concerts using the technology of hologram for one of the Singers who literally shaped the Egyptian music. In case you are wondering, a Saudi production company announced organizing a massive concert for “Kawkab El Sharq”, the late Egyptian Singer Umm Kulthum in 2019 using hologram. Here is the promo for the concert:

This announcement instantly left people celebrating on social media, as Saudi Arabia will have the first concert for the iconic singer, who passed away 47 years ago, and left people mourning, yet living on her records.

The Hashtag “Umm Kulthum in Saudi Arabia” was launched on Twitter, and became a top trending hashtag with thousands of people tweeting about their excitement for the concert.

WE SAID THIS: We are so excited for 2019 already!