Egyptian Government Services Will Be Available on Mobile Apps by 2019!

One thing Egypt is notorious for is its bureaucracy, and that is about to change very soon. Egypt’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, announced this week that over 20 governmental services will be available via mobile apps.

Health insurance, vehicle licensing, and general taxation documents are just a few of the services offered, where citizens only need to fill an application instead of visiting citizens’ service offices. During the “Techne Summit” conference and exhibition taking place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Talaat explained that the services are under development and will be ready by mid-2019.

Via Techne Summit

In hopes of supporting the private sector in information technology, the ministry has established seven technological communities in Egyptian universities. The goal is to provide Egypt with a fully-fledged digital platform.

In a statement to Egypt Today, the minister of communications explained that the ministry seeks to establish the Information Infrastructure Project of the new health insurance system to follow up patients’ registry database and provide medical care for those who cannot afford health coverage.

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