Saudi Arabia Released the Perfect Promotional Video Days Before the Launch of Tourist Visas!

Via Arabian Business

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced earlier the launch of their tourist visas that is due later this September. It is expected that the visas will be available to about 50 countries, online or on arrival and it will be for SR440.

Ahead of the launch of the tourist visas, Saudi Arabia released the perfect promotional video that highlights the potential of the Kingdom as a tourist destination. The video uses the #WhereInTheWorld which is relevant to the campaign; comparing destinations in Saudi Arabia with other popular travel destinations around the world.

The tourist visas are going to be launched in an event on the 27th of September. According to Arabian Business, a public relations firm linked to the government has invited reporters and leading international travel and tourism experts to an event that day called “Saudi Arabia opens to tourism”.

WE SAID THIS: Definitely adding the Kingdom on our bucket list!