Saudi Arabia Receives a Diplomatic Apology from the UK

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Britain just sent an official apology to express their regret to Saudi Arabia. Why, you say? That weird incident that took place last Thursday. Major General Ahmed Al-Asseri, the spokesman of the Saudi-led military campaign against Yemen, was in a visit to London with Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. While entering an office in London, an activist called Sam Walton tried to perform “a citizen’s arrest” on the General.


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Wolton claims that his actions were taken because Saudi Arabia is “committing war crimes” against civilians in Yemen. Saudi Arabia denies those accusations and said that they are taking extra care to avoid civilian casualties, and that the Houthis are operating behind the cover of civilian targets.


Via Reuters


More importantly, disagreeing with the politics of a state does not give anyone the right to attack a diplomatic representative from that state; thus, Britain’s Foreign Office said in a statement that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had spoken about the incident with Prince Mohammed by telephone.


The Saudi Press Agency quoted Saudi Embassy’s Twitter account that the general was exposed to an assault attempt by a group of protesters who were trying to disrupt his participation in the European Council Seminar on Foreign Relations.



WE SAID THIS: They also stated that the General was safe and his schedule was not interrupted.