Sama El-Masry Has Zero Time for Sherine in Viral Voice Note About Nile Comments


Patriots with zero tolerance to sarcasm opened fire on Sherine after she accidentally threw shade at Egypt’s Nile river during a concert in Lebanon.


The singer has been banned from performing in Egypt by the Syndicate of Musical Professions, and is currently facing several lawsuits.



However, all of the aforementioned problems fade to nothing when compared to the feud Sherine indirectly started with singer/belly dancer Sama El-Masry. A voice note by El-Masry has went viral on social media, and oh my, where’s the popcorn? The belly dancer, basically, asks Sherine to leave Egypt if she continues with her ungrateful and unappreciative attitude.


“The water that you claim would infect people with bilharzia, was the same water that washed our hair from lice,” El-Masry tells Sherine.

WE SAID THIS: We’re definitely waiting for the epic comeback.