From Narcissism to Domestic Violence, Salon Zahra Touches on Women’s Struggles in the Arab World

Salon Zahra:Zahra’s beauty parlour is a haven for women wanting to pamper themselves or seek refuge. A clumsy act will connect Zahra and a young man’s paths and hearts.

Starring: Nadine Nassib Njeim, Moatasem Al Nahar, Tony Issa, Fadi Abi Samra, Junaid Zeineldine, Nahla Daoud, Leen Gherra and Zeina Makki.

The series explores several issues that women across the Arab world face. However, what makes this series so relatable, is that it is written/scripted by Nadine Jaber – a woman. In such a male-dominated field, this is a really big deal. Especially since most of the things we’re watching nowadays have been written by men who are interpreting (often wrongly) women’s issues from a male perspective.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that Salon Zahra explores…

1. Dealing with unwanted male attention

In one of the most famous scenes from the Salon Zahra series so far, Zahra (played by Nadine Nassib Njeim), stands her ground when an admirer keeps hassling her. Although the series tackles ‘heavy’ issues, it successfully tackles this one in a light and comedic fashion 🐓.

2. Resisting control from an abusive narcissist

Zahra’s character is bold and fearless. But when it comes to her sister’s husband, he always seems to have the upper hand. His excessive control demonstrates how the desire to manipulate surpasses rationality.

3. Domestic violence

In the first episode, there is a very explicit domestic violence scene shown. It sheds light on the array of emotions between the abused mother, the helpless children, and the sister trying to be their protector. The scene received a lot of attention on social media – stirring a lot of reactions in the comments.

4. A ‘father’ taking away children from their mother

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes so far, Zahra’s sister Maysam has her children taken away from her by force. Her husband gets the police involved, knowing that the law permits him to get revenge on his wife after she tries to leave him.

5. ‘He said, she said’ and the tainted reputation

It’s no surprise that Arabs tend to gossip A LOT. The scene is the perfect demonstration of just how far the truth can get twisted, especially in regards to a female’s reputation.

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