Rumor Has it; Popular Arab Music Couple Tamer Hosny and Bassma Boussel are Splitting Up

The names of our favorite couple, Tamer Hosny and Bassma Boussel, have been topping trends across the region since last night. Yesterday, the Moroccan fashion designer and influencer shocked her fans by announcing their divorce via a short statement she wrote on her Instagram story.

via Instagram

In her statement, Boussel asked people to stop sending her pictures and videos of Tamer to show her that he’s not respecting her in public because she doesn’t care to see. She explained that they’ve separated already, and are currently filing divorce papers, and urged everyone to respect their feelings. She later removed the story, amid complete silence from her partner.

Tamer Hosny and Bassma Boussel have been married for 8 years and were blessed with three daughters. The news was shocking to their fanbase as Bassma recently held a huge celebration for Tamer’s birthday a few months ago.

Bassma had left her singing career behind after being on Star Academy and diverted her career path to fashion. She was the stylist behind many of Tamer’s outfits on several occasions.

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