Robert Downey Jr. to Star in Eid Movie ‘Barty Fe 7arty’?



We Egyptians sometimes do things for absolutely no reasons. Like that one time the movie Evil Dead turned into a meme sensation only because it was showing on MBC2. Yup, you just read that! But we’re gathered here today for another reason. We’re here because of the Eid movie, Barty Fe 7arty, and its poster that has Iron-Man!




Why is Iron-Man in the poster? Is he starring in it? Why is the the only superhero in the movie? Is an Egyptian actor playing or did Robert Downey Jr. join the cast? We’ve been staring at the poster for a good hour now trying to solve this mystery. Why, oh why? Of all superheroes, why Iron-Man?




We’re very positive Robert has nothing to do with this movie, but we still want to know WHY IS IRON-MAN IN THE POSTER???



WE SAID THIS: If you ever know the answer to this mystery, please let us know.