Remembering Egypt’s Favorite Music Video Models From the 90s

Beauty standards have definitely shifted in the past few decades. It doesn’t really matter if bushy eyebrows and scrunchies make a comeback, for the original 90s chicks are irreplaceable.

Last week, Egypt’s biggest star, Tamer Hosny, released his music video ‘Naseny Leh’. As expected, the six-minute-long song became the first trending video on Youtube in hours but the talk of social media is the female model.

Via Aseel Omran

Many fans cannot recognize Hosny’s love interest, but she is quite a big deal. The girl we’re all obsessed with is the Saudi Songstress Aseel Omran. With angelic facial features, baby smooth skin, perfectly plump lips, and nose, the girl with soft features left us mesmerized.

This brought us back to the old modeling days where girls with wild hair and extreme eyebrows turned heads. For obvious reasons, you cannot tell models apart right now, as if the same makeup artist; or plastic -Ehhemm- surgeon, worked on all of them. We demand the return of versatile models; real women with real imperfections.

Let’s celebrate the unique models of the 90s and hope for a similar comeback:


Via Layalina

Amr Diab’s music videos meant one thing, a stunning model. The tanned girl with green eyes from Dehket Eyoun Habibi was one of our favorite faces in the 90s. The model said in an interview with Isaad Younes that people still recognize her as the girl from the stairway in Diab’s song. The model later turned into an actress and over 20 years later she still looks just as beautiful.

Vedra (Also known as Farah)

Via Youtube

The Jordanian ex-Chanel model made her debut on Egypt’s television in Mostafa Amar’s music video, Seket ElAshein. Vedra’s bone structure was out of a portrait. And that volume-for-days hair!! It was the envy of all high school and college girls. The model is currently an established actress with an impressive list of co-stars as Ahmed Zaki, Youssra, and Nelly Karim


Via Ala Kefak Meil

The TV ad poster girl was Nesrina. Till this day everyone knows her as the girl from Savo’s ad. The wild hair, bushy eyebrows and big earrings were iconic and a serious goal. Nesrina’s music video debut was Ala Kefak Meil with Ehab Tawfik.

Gehane Nasr

Via Dari

The 90s was packed with colorful clothes, intense shoulder pads, and fringes; not as intense as the 80s though. Gehane Nasr is another model who made it big as an actress back in the day. The girl from Alaa Abdel Khalea’s Dari song left a strong impression with her role in Al-Mal wal Banoun TV series.

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