Relaxing Around The Soft Glow Of A Fire: Top Spots For Camping Across The Middle East

Going camping with friends and starting a bonfire can be one of the best things to do outdoors, especially during the winter. it’s also a great way to catch up with good friends and family and start telling stories. No email, no streaming services, and no other distractions; just you and your friends or family. You’ll be able to relax, unwind and perhaps let your guard down a bit more around the soft glow of a fire. With that in mind, we’ve curated the ultimate list of the top places for camping across the Middle East. Start torching your marshmallows as you make your way through our guide.

Umm Al Quwain

The UAE has a plethora of camping sites perfect for spending time in the desert. One such campsite is the Sunshine Camp in Umm Al Quwain. People go from Ras Al Khaimah and other areas of the emirates to this campsite to spend time with their loved ones, making it one of the busiest. There, you can engage in activities like having a BBQ with your friends or family or starting a bonfire in the evening. Keep in mind, too, that campers need to supply their own skewers and grills. A play area for children with slides, swings, and other little attractions is also there.

Via Bayut

Asir National Park

Saudi Arabia’s Asir National Park is a spot where you can take a cable car ride to Jebel Soudah, camp under the night sky, and go hiking on the trail of Jebel Soudah. The park also boasts unspoiled wilderness and is home to hundreds of species of wild animals and birds. It is also a heaven for birdwatchers who are looking to pick up facts about rare species. Spotting rare wildlife is one of the most intriguing activities in the park. Due to cold temperatures in the winter, you’ll have to make sure to wear warm and comfortable layered clothing while visiting the park. Additionally, wearing comfortable footwear is necessary as you’ll likely be walking a lot.

Sharhabil Ben Hassneh Eco Park 

According to Al Arabiya, Jordan isn’t big on camping. There are a few locations, however, across the nation that will gladly accept eager back-to-nature campers. One of the greatest campgrounds in the nation, Sharhabil Ben Hassneh Eco Park in the north is regarded as a role model for protecting environmentally significant ecosystems. Since it is a perfect vacation for families, young people, environment enthusiasts, and adventure seekers, the park is a novel idea in Jordan and is ideal for various age groups. Walking paths, bike rentals, covered picnic spaces, a campsite, air-conditioned cottages, and a play area are all part of the beautifully landscaped park that has been restored.

Jebel Al Dukhan 

Jebel Al Dukhan is Bahrain’s tallest mountain and is known to be a popular camping experience in the ancient kingdom. Nearby is Al Jazeer Beach where you can have a sundowner hookah before heading back to your camp spot for the night. Hiking is very popular there as well as stargazing and to spice things up, you can start a bonfire with your friends and watch the beautiful landscape of Oman. The mountain might not be popular for campers, but if you’re out of places to visit, then Jebel Al Dukhan might be a good fit for you.

Thumamah Desert

This is the perfect camping spot for adrenaline junkies in Saudi Arabia, with quad bikes available for rent and camel rides and bouncy castles for the little ones. The desert is situated in Wadi Thumamah at the edge of the al-Armah mountains in the northeastern fringes of Riyadh. If it’s your first time in the desert, you’ll have an amazing journey as the desert provides friendly locals and a beautiful fun environment. What makes it a fun experience is the range of automobile activities that you can book from there.

So, after a long week, relaxing in the serene desert under the stars might be all you need to do to unwind and relax. You’ll also get the chance to reconnect with Mother Nature and discover all the beautiful landscapes that the Middle East has to offer.

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