Rejoice Arabs In The US, Macy’s Just Launched A Hijabi Cloths Line!

The Retail Giant Macy’s announced that they are partnering with the Islamic fashion brand, Verona Collection, and are releasing a modest “hijab-friendly” cloths line. The collection drops on February 15 on the Macy’s website, and will feature various colors and fabrics; the prices will range from $13-$85.

Via Verona Collection

Lisa Vogl founded the Verona Collection in 2015 after being frustrated with the lack of fashionable clothing for hijab women. In 2017, while Lisa was participating in a workshop at Macy’s she shared her vision to design a collection that helps the community of women who are looking for modest clothing. Later, Lisa and Macy’s cooperated to bring a selection of fashionable and modest items to Macys’ customers.

Via Verona Collection

“Verona Collection is more than a clothing brand. It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside,” said Lisa Vogl, founder of Verona Collection in a press release.

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