Reham Saeed Covering ‘Despacito’ Is the Worst Thing You’ll Watch Today

Reham Saeed, AKA TV host of “Sabaya El-Kheir,” just gave people another reason to dislike her.



The number one song this summer (that’s not “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran), “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, was a subject to many horrible covers and parodies. The world honestly did not need any more contributions to this song, which is why we were appalled when we found out that Reham Saeed’s official page released a cringe-worthy video of herself singing “Despacito,” and the results are horrifying.


Saeed making up her own words to the song wasn’t even a problem, because she covered it in Arabic — which makes sense for her to have new lyrics for them. But, what social media were not okay with was her voice.


Via Marwan Younis


Social media star, Marwan Younis, commented with a hilarious GIF (look above) that shows a woman vomiting.


Via Messan Magdy


Others were more vocal about Saeed’s video, asking her to stop singing because of her “bad” voice and “horrendous” songwriting skills.



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