For the Record: Calm Down, Busta!



  • It’s been six years since Busta Rhymes released his Platinum album Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front, but he’s finally got a new album coming later this year, titled Extinction Level Event 2, which will include collaborations with Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Q Tip and Lil Wayne. First single “Calm Down” features House of Pain‘s unmistakable intro and a fierce rap battle with Eminem that will leave your head spinning:


  • Jennifer Hudson is getting ready to release her third album, including first single “Walk It Out” with Timbaland, and new one “It’s Your World” featuring R Kelly, which she performed live at the BET awards ceremony this week. Give both a listen in her just-released album sampler here:


  • Nile Rodgers is working on a pretty exciting project; he tweeted “I’m just finishing up a new song for Chic that’s going to feature almost everybody that’s ever sung with me”, which could mean anyone from Madonna and Robert Plant to David Bowie and Daft Punk. Meanwhile, he’s released the lyric video to new track “Do What You Wanna Do”, which you can tap your foot to here:


  •  For a bland song, Maroon 5‘s “Map” sure has a very dramatic video, with cheating, car accidents, hospitals and pre-blond Adam Levine being a horrible person:


  • I honestly have no idea what to make of this – on the one hand, it’s a feel-good empowering track with a great beat brought to us by the guys who used to be Good Charlotte, but on the other hand, it’s a sickly sweet inspiration piece with a pop music chorus, brought to us by a couple of douchebags in leather vests pulling some serious boy-band moves (finger pointing, duck face-ing, the works). Judge for yourself new one “We Are Done” by The Madden Brothers:


  • And here’s an unexpected album alert – Pink Floyd will be releasing a new album this October titled The Endless River, as well as celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 14th and last album The Division Bell with a deluxe reissue. The album will reportedly be building on the “Big Spliff” project, an incomplete collection of ambient tracks by David Gilmour.


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