Rebuilding Beirut; Mia Khalifa and How She Has Already Raised Over $100k on Her Own!

Via Al Bawaba

The people of Lebanon have been experiencing an intense crisis ever since late 2019, from wildfires and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic to a wave of protests and the collapse of the economy. And just when we thought that things can’t get any worse, the disastrous Beirut explosion shook the city, leaving thousands without homes!

Lebanon now needs the support of the world and people all over the world are doing everything they can to help. While businessmen and celebrities are thankfully donating millions of dollars to save Lebanon and getting praised for it, including Mia Khalifa.

Via Unilad

Apart from receiving death threats, being banned from entering her own country (as well as most, if not all, Arab countries), and constantly being judged and vilified, few are recognizing Khalifa’s constant efforts to support Lebanon; everything she’s done has been belittled because of people’s perceptions of her.

Khalifa is using her stories and feed in order to raise awareness of the current crisis in Lebanon among her millions of followers on social media (21 million on Instagram alone). She is constantly talking about her home country, encouraging people to help and support, educating people about what’s happening, and giving shout outs to the right places to send donations like the Lebanese Red Cross.

She didn’t stop at raising awareness though. Khalifa also raised, until now, more than $100,000 in an auction selling her infamous glasses! She captioned the post: “The infamous Mia Khalifa glasses – auction. 100% of proceeds will benefit Lebanese Red Cross and their tireless efforts in Beirut. I’ll be on IG live when the money clears to live stream the donation via wire transfer to LRC.”

WE SAID THIS: All our thoughts and prayers go out to Lebanon and its beautiful people.