Reasons Why We Hate Morning People, Mornings and People

They’re the kind of people who enjoy hearing birds chirp in the morning and start off their day with an A-OK wholesome breakfast… Yes, I’m talking about the very people who make you want to punch a wall before your day even starts: Morning People.

As if waking up early isn’t enough, you have to deal with those annoying, overly energetic people that got up at 6 am today and are pumped for the day to begin. For all those people who wake up grumpy, we feel you and understand your need to be left alone until you start feeling like you don’t completely hate the world. This one’s for you.

Here are seven reasons we hate morning people:



They’re too cheerful in the morning



We’re all for positivity, but when we were forced to wake up at 7 am, we really don’t want you all up in our faces with your sunshine and rainbows like we’re in Disneyland. Please leave us alone.



They won’t shut up about what they did in the time it took you to wake up



Being instantly greeted with, “Eda inti lessa sa7ya?” followed by a never-ending timeline of what they did starting from 6 am is enough to make us want to jump off a building. Stop talking. We don’t care.



They like to go to the early morning cinema shows



They’re physically incapable of doing anything at night, which means if you go to a movie in the evening, you are left alone with your popcorn because they fall asleep 10 minutes into the movie.



They get sleepy just when you’ve regained your energy



After a morning from hell, you’re finally feeling like yourself again, but now they don’t want to talk or do anything because they want to sleep.



They like to make full day plans that start at 10 am



They don’t understanding that on the days you don’t have to wake up early, you want to sleep in; so they make plans to go for breakfast at the break of dawn… No, thank you.



They always get to everything first without waiting for you



These people are like piranhas. They use the fact that you’re sleeping as a way to get ahead! Be it finishing the last bit of chocolate left in the house or getting ahead in a series you’re watching together. Inconsiderate SOBs…



They interrupt your sleep



They either open the curtains to wake you up, call you 50 times or make too much noise. Either way, when they viciously wake you from your slumber, this is easily the worst thing they can do and it trumps all of the other reasons above.



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