Rani’s Shenanigans This Summer Guaranteed a Very Lit Sahel


Sahel was lit this season. And no, I’m not referring to all the new restaurants, clubs and yada yadas that opened this summer. I’m actually talking about Rani – yes, the very same fresh and delicious juice giants – and their activation.


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Basically, they took over Lakeyard, Marassi, mPorium, Amwaj, Hacienda, Trux, Zahran Market, Diplo, On The Run and the Cairo-Alex toll station. They introduced a –one-of-a-kind music table that allows anyone to produce music once the user puts any Rani cans (that they can also drink as well – think peach, guava, strawberry & banana, pine apple mango flavors with yummy chunks of actual fruit) on the deck. People in Sahel had the chance to compete, compose their own masterpieces then share it with the hashtag . The lucky person with the most likes will win an iPhone 7. WE KNOW, RIGHT????



Sahelians in Hacienda also had the chance to place floaties-like chunks of fruit pieces all over the lagoons as a way to promote Rani’s uniqueness of having real fruit pieces in their juices.


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During the time they set up shop there in the summer, we had major The Beatles vibes. Why, you say? Well, duuh! It was because they launched a sampling road show with a van and two branded Beetles in The North Coast. Oh, they also showered everyone with some very cool freebies: fidget spinners, fish eye lenses, speakers, towels and rackets.



WE SAID THIS: Fun fact – This activation helped elevate Amr Diab’s concert in Marassi, where Rani flooded the entire concert with their awesomeness.

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