RamaScoops: Gree Keeps you Cool

Ramadan may be coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that the Ramadan commercials have stopped coming our way!

One ad that has caught our attention is Gree’s air conditioning ads; in the sweltering heat that encompasses Middle Eastern summers, the company has found a way not to only make themselves stand apart from regular air conditioning companies, who try and convince you that they can keep you cool, but to also let you in on their technological capabilities.

All based on the notion that in all the time wasted in different comedic situations, Gree is continuously working on building expert technology to keep you fresh and cool during the long summer days.

Check out the different scenarios below, by far our favorite are the Rihanna sing along parody and the bathroom break up!

Although a lot of it is satirical, it’s pretty funny and true a number of the situations, from the girl who can’t park to the crazed farmville grandpa; admit it there is a little of someone you know in all of these ads!