RamaScoops: El Maxibon


I’m sure you’ve seen this heaven of an ice-cream plastered everywhere in Cairo’s streets. Well it’s Nestle’s newly introduced ice-cream: Maxibon, half sandwich half chocolate coated ice cream!

Well I was gonna be fine with just the sandwich, but OK. Two is better than one! With no better time to launch a campaign than during our squelching summer months, they also gave us a TV ad this Ramadan.

I cant say it’s as good as the Kimo Kono ad last Ramadan (That was a hit!! EVERYONE LOVED IT) but I like this one as it is simple, to the point, uses a mixture of a western technique using T-Pain’s sound with the oriental song and the local traditional message.

WE SAID THIS: Great Stuff! Looks like there will be other copies for the ad with different situations, so stay tuned!