This Ramadan Energy Bar Is All You Need for Sohour

Every Ramadan we witness a range of creative food ideas, whether it’s a new konafa topping or a new sohour trend, the holy month is just full of (delicious) surprises.


This year, an innovative Swiss-based company found a solution for our zombie-like state of mind while fasting.


Source: Ramadan Energy


Imran Posner and Farid Sanders – the founders of Fajr Foods, created the perfect sohour supplement in the form of an all natural, low-fat, chocolate-flavored bar to keep you energized throughout the day. Yup, a Ramadan energy bar is now a thing.


Source: Ramadan Energy


The founders have stated: “In the West, religious holidays are known for taking over the supermarkets, but for whatever reason, Ramadan is not visible. Muslims spend a lot of money over the holiday season, and we think this poses an unmet need. We need more products that focus on Muslim consumers, and Fajr Foods hopes to do that.”



According to their website, the product is clinically proven to control blood sugar for up to nine hours, sustain energy, and suppress appetite. It’s uniqueness lies in its blend of 16 energy-packed ingredients which makes it a great option for people suffering from diabetes.



You can get the Ramadan energy bar for $9.99 per box. The Fajr Foods founders confirmed that they are looking to expand in the upcoming years.



WE SAID THIS: We love the idea and we can’t wait to have this innovative healthy product in the Middle East.