The Inspirational Cancer Survivor That Stole Our Hearts in ‘Halawet El Donya’

Cancer is a word that many tremble upon hearing someone else utter it. Growing up, we have always perceived a cancer diagnosis with a death sentence, yet many cancer fighters are constantly proving the total opposite. Yasmine Ghaith is one of them.


We’ve all noticed the sensational character, Heba in “Halawet El Donya.” Show producers surprised us as they chose an actual breast cancer survivor to play the role. Ghaith, who is a fashion designer and a mother, successfully stole our hearts scene by scene this Ramadan.



Ghaith revealed via Instagram that her breast cancer diagnosis is what led her to our TV screens. After her story went viral on social media, producer Mohamed Mashish reached out to her to play the role of a cancer patient in “Halawet El Donya.”



Her raw performance reflects her true personality. In an interview, Ghaith said that “she didn’t proceed with any professional training to prepare for her first acting experience.” She also added that with the help of her therapist and her family, she has reached a stage of psychological peace with the disease, despite all the internal and external changes she had to face after chemotherapy.



Ghaith hopes to change how people perceive cancer; she always leaves her house without wearing neither a wig nor a headscarf; she also participates in campaigns to raise cancer awareness through international pharmaceutical companies.



Bahya hospital have also chosen Ghaith to be its ambassador. Cancer patients view her as an idol, with some saying that her performance in “Halawet El Donya” gave them the power and hope they need to continue fighting the horrible disease.



WE SAID THIS: Ghaith is not only an extraordinary actress, but she is also a true inspiration for cancer fighters.