This Ramadan Ad Truly Embodies the Holy Month’s Generous Spirit

Ramadan Kareem is a statement that Egyptians often use to celebrate and commemorate the holy month’s arrival. ‘Kareem’ is an Arabic word that translates into ‘Generous’. That being said, we think there is nothing more fitting to describe Egyptians during the holy month than the term ‘generous’.




Why? Well, as truthfully stated by Coca Cola Egypt’s Ramadan ad this year, there is always that extra person – or people – that show up for iftar and sohour.


And because Egyptians have the warmest of hearts, they cannot bear to turn anyone away, regardless of whether they were personally invited by the host or not.



So typically what ends up happening is a house full of your guests, but also your guests’ guests; their friends, their cousins, their family members, you name it; Egyptian guests do feel like bringing a ‘plus 20’ is much more appropriate than bringing a mere ‘plus 1’.


Coca Cola Egypt understands this struggle, and completely believes in the importance of sponsoring the welcoming hearts of Egyptians and the famously generous Ramadan spirit.




Consequently, Coca Cola Egypt will be giving you a free 800 ml bottle, for every time you purchase a two – liter bottle. All you have to do is give the two – liter bottle’s cap to the nearest super market, and voila, you will immediately get your free 800 ml bottle courtesy of Coca Cola Egypt.


This means you can bid farewell to the days when you were frightened to run out of Coca Cola, given the sheer number of guests that you did not expect.

WE SAID THIS: Thank you Coca Cola Egypt for sponsoring Egyptian generosity. Ramadan Kareem #ازازتك_ببلاش.