Racist Michelle Obama Post by Egyptian Page Goes Viral

Via Khair Agnad El Ard


In most parts of the Arab world, because of deeply entrenched racism, dark skin is demonized and light skin wins the prize. Someone, if not everyone, needs to put an end to this really fast.


Sarhan’s post reads “Hahahahaha” in Arabic. Note how his friends liked the pictures with the laughing emoji.


A sickening post made by خير اجناد الارض (meaning Best Soldiers in the World) has gotten over 7,000 shares, as well as 8,000+ likes. The post shows former US president Barack Obama telling the newly-elected president Donald Trump, “Does Melania need a maid [referring to Michelle Obama]?” Sadly, what’s really disturbing about the post that many people actually find it funny…


Katatney couldn’t stay quite and had to call out the page for their racism.


Thankfully, other people recognized how racist the post was and took action. We as Arabs need to stop feeding the racism that has sneaked its way into our society, culture and everyday conversations before it festers and it becomes too late.

It doesn’t even stop at calling black people “zengy,” (meaning nigger) or “3abeed,” (meaning slave). Many Arabs refer to Asian people as “Seeni” (meaning Chinese).



WE SAID THIS: When will we wake up and stop this travesty?