Sherine Abdel Wahab Releases Official Apology Following Her Amr Diab Comment

Via Sherine
Via Amr Youssef


Today must have been the worst day of Sherine Abdel Wahab’s life. The Egyptian songstress got caught on video throwing major shade at Amr diab while performing at Amr Youssef and kina Alloush’s wedding. Abdel Wahab called Diab too old, adding that it is not his time anymore.

The internet just lost it. We all know that Amr Diab is an Egyptian icon, we have all been touched by his music at one point of our lives. Same goes to Abdel Wahab, with her angelic and classic vocals that are nothing but emotions that leave goose bumps all over your body, so it was pretty depressing to watch a social media clash between our two favorite stars.

Soon, Abdel Wahab released an official apology, explaining that this happened at a private event, she was simply enjoying her time, it was a bad joke and she didn’t mean to hurt or insult anyone, even Asala whom she implied was being ignored at the wedding. Listen to her apology below and we hope this puts an end to this feud:



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