Quick Tips to Help You Find a Great Tour Guide

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By Larisa Wong

The travel industry is not complete without tour guides. Being a tour guide is more than just reading facts from documents. It is a task that pools customer service, memory, and performance into a single item.

Despite every tour guide being unique in their way, there is a particular set of skills synonymous with every great travel guide. And that makes them stand out.  Not sure what to look for in a tour guide? Here are four tips for selecting a great one.

Knowledge and experience

A tour guide’s role is, inter alia, to know for sure what they are talking about. An ideal tour guide should bridge the gap between you (the tourist) and the new communities you meet. A guide’s knowledge on the history, people, landscape, and the latest travel trends are priceless to any astute traveler.

Knowledge is as essential as experience. A great tour guide is acquainted with managing groups and individual travelers. This characteristic is vital since it enables travelers to capture and enjoy all the potent memories and shared experiences. Besides, a great tour guide knows when to let you enjoy your “alone time.”

Being passionate about their job

Whether your guide is a local or not, they should possess a more authentic insider understanding of the secrets known to residents. Not only that, tour guides are always surrounded by people, so a great guide is one who enjoys being surrounded by others.

Also, your ideal tour guide should have the enthusiasm and yearning for an opportunity to satisfy their escapade cravings every day. To round it up, your tour guide should know the best of everything; the best places to buy, eat, or shop. Plus, they should have a passion for the sites or activities, and influence you to feel their passion.

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Vacations aren’t about convening and taking notes from other people. It’s about meeting new people and chitchatting. Meaning, your guide should know how to interact with visitors. They should know when to listen and when to talk, and how to do both. Otherwise, the whole tour would feel like a boring history class. Besides, it would arouse feelings similar to one-sided communication.

Note that the right guide is a good storyteller and can effortlessly have a conversation with anyone. Their historical narratives will take you to the past. A great guide will knit in personal anecdotes concerning what it is like to be a local. In addition to explaining the good, the bad, and the ugly of the local area, to touch your emotional hot buttons.

Time Management

A great tour-guide arrives on time and knows how to manage time. So, you’d be aware of the scheduled times you will enjoy attractions, and when you will be back. Also, he has to make sure that you are back on time. Even so, your guide should be flexible enough to customize your day based on your interests while observing time. On top of that, your ideal guide should not rush you since they are on your program.

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