Puppies Can Now Take Pilates Classes in Dubai

Is there anything Dubai can’t do? We keep thinking UAE can’t impress us any further but they keep coming at us with initiatives and projects that make every resident happier. Do you have a best friend/puppy waiting for you at home? Are you consumed by guilt whenever you leave your baby home alone? Cry no more because The Animal Agency just upgraded your social agenda.

Get on the right health track next weekend with your adorable puppy. You can attend a pilates class and roll, bend and stretch with your baby right there with you. Classes start Sept. 8 at 4 pm, with 7 classes scheduled running all the way through until Christmas. The UAE’s only agency providing animal models and stars for the film, media and advertising industry just gave us the ultimate Instagram story worthy event. To reserve your spot, check out The Animal Agency official website.


WE SAID THIS: Puppylatis, here we come!!!