Pictures From Space: The Unseen Beauties of the Egyptian Landscape

Via Pinterest.

By Muhammed Aladdin

With the invention of modern photography, a number of other interdisciplinary art forms came to be; one was astrophotography. In 1840, the first picture of a celestial object, the Moon, was taken. However, it was not until the 20th century when technological advancements allowed humans to capture detailed photographs of stellar constellations.

Soon afterward, the first man landed on the moon, the International Space Station was launched into orbit, and plans were put for the first human expedition to Mars. Astrophysics, in the span of just one century, has become a major enterprise driven by human curiosity. Subsequently, astrophotography has grown in response.

Nowadays, manmade telescopes are able to capture exploding stars hundreds of millions of light years away. But, that is not all, another form of astrophotography has developed as well; earth photography.

Whether it is astronauts in the International Space Station or satellites, Mother Earth has had its fair share of flashlights in recent years, but out of all the countries photographed, there is something inexplicable about the beauty of Egypt from space. We thought of sharing some of the pictures we have seen with you to appreciate how awe-inspiring the landmass of our country is.

During Daytime

Via NASA Visible Earth,
Via SpaceRef.
Via PlanetSave.
Via Wikimedia Commons.

During Nighttime

Via Pinterest.
Via Ynetnews.
Via Discover Sinai.
Via Discover Sinai.
Via Flickr.

While we are on the topic of space, it is also worth mentioning that the Egyptian government has launched its first satellite SAT A into space last month. The remote-sensing photography satellite is set to transmit its first images next week. However, the Egyptian-Russian Cultural Foundation has released a sneak peek.

Via Enterprise Press.

WE SAID THIS: Hopefully, Egypt SAT A will be taking beautiful pictures of our landscape as well!

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