Horror Escape Rooms Around Cairo You Need to Try

Usually the word ‘horror’ is associated with movies or scary novels, however, over the past few years, haunted houses, as well as live theaters, have emerged. Shedding light on a new kind of interactive, real-world horror experience! In a way, you become part of the story as you’re locked in a cage or some kind of a room with a group of people, solving riddles after riddles in a quest to escape. There are a lot of different kind of themed escape rooms all around the world, if you interested in finding out more you could check out somewhere like https://lockdownrooms.com/pick-a-las-vegas-escape-room/ for more information or even an escape room more local to you.

I recently tried out 23 Death Road, a horror-themed escape room in Placebo located in Maadi. I went with three other friends after about half an hour of persuasion to convince me to play! If you know me, you’d know that I’m the kind of person who gets easily scared. So, for me to go inside that room for an hour and a half is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Once we got in, I was literally so scared to an extent I couldn’t even think. I couldn’t solve the first three riddles by myself and I had my eyes closed for about half of the time. But, I have to be honest, after we managed to solve all the riddles and got out of that room, it felt amazing! The theme was very unique, it had all the twists needed; connecting the dots to form the whole story together with your friends so you’d all get out.

Working together as a team with my friends actually made us bond more. Under such situations you’d discover new sides of their personalities; it was very interesting. So, without further ado, if you’re an adrenaline junkie into horror-themed escape rooms, here’s a list of the top ones around Cairo.

Sherlocked Egypt

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At Sherlocked, you’ll be part of a live horrific experience that you will never forget! All the rooms there are horror movie-themed escape rooms; The Conjuring, The Ring, and The Blue Elephant. This place took horror to a whole new level, not just that, they actually re-enact scenes from these movies while you solve the riddles. The Blue Elephant room is actually the first escape room in Egypt with one hour and a half time limit! They have two branches, one in Dokki and the other in Nasr City. And for our fans, stay tuned for three new different rooms you need to checkout!

Trapped Egypt

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This escape room comes all the way from the UK; their main branch is located in New Cairo, but they also have branches in Mohandeseen and Sheikh Zayed. Trapped offers you the ultimate experience with realistic modern-built settings. It’s one of the largest places around, as they have about eight rooms; two of them are horror-themed, Quarantined and The Dungeon of Doom. You must know that the recommended team size is from two to seven players maximum. So, gather your friends and check this place out as soon as possible!

Placebo-Role Playing Escape Rooms

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The escape rooms at Placebo aren’t like any other! They have two rooms; Alter and 23 Death Road which is the horror-themed escape room. Inside the room, you get to take on a character’s role while solving the riddles! Before entering the room, they give you a very vague set of instructions about the settings of the room, basic information about the story, the roles of the team members, and so on. Only at the very end, when you solve all the riddles and manage to escape the room, you’d finally discover the purpose behind your character. Placebo is located in Maadi, and it takes from two to six players maximum to play.

Nightmare Escape Egypt

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All the rooms at Nightmare are horror-themed escape rooms that will challenge you psychologically and mentally. They offer Annabelle, which is the scariest room they have; you won’t be able to last 60 minutes with her without losing your nerves, The Mystery, T-Virus, The Basement, and House of Dead. Nightmare is located in Sheikh Zayed, and it takes from two to six players maximum to play. I highly recommend you to check this place out.

MindMaze Egypt

Via: MindMaze

This place offers you very advanced and highly realistic, as well as interactive, escape rooms! It’s located in Maadi and they have five rooms, three of which are horror-themed; Haunted Mansion, Room 13, and Blood Empire. You get locked in a room with two to eight players, with the clock ticking while you and your friends have to solve the riddles before your time runs out! It’s a fun and challenging experience; it’ll test your wits and problem-solving skills.

At all of these places, before you go inside, you don’t really know what to expect. It’s always a mystery, which is a huge part of the experience itself. You simply get yourself locked inside a room with only minimal information about what to do in there or what your character’s role is. You must find your way out before time runs out! Going into an escape room is a great experience that you must put on your bucket list.

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