Picture of the Day: This Couple in Port Said is Proof That Love Is All We Need

In Egypt, photography has been one of the most important tools in documenting our days with the COVID-19 pandemic. Several photographers have been out on Egypt’s streets, taking shots of empty roads during the curfew, people wearing masks, and just how different communities are learning to adapt to coronavirus and live with it. Usually, these images can be a little depressing because of the negative mood surrounding everything right now.

But fortunately, we came across a beautiful picture of an elderly couple enjoying each other’s company at Ferdinand de Lesseps, in Egypt’s Port Said. The picture was enough to brighten our day. As simple as it is, with just both of them sitting together and looking at each other, it gives us a reason to smile with their sense of positivity, and hope that better days are coming.

The picture was taken by the Egyptian photojournalist, Fadel Dawod.

WE SAID THIS: Aren’t they adorable?