A Scoop of Hope: An Inspirational Message from Fashion Icon Rania Hammad

By Malak Khaled

Rania Hammad is a Dubai-based British-Egyptian fashion designer. Rania decided to quit her job to pursue her dreams of becoming a recognized fashion designer and icon.

In a post, Rania explains the things she has been through, reminding people that “[they] are a process not a product, and it’s a gift to walk the earth reminding people of their vulnerability.”

Rania explains that in 2018, her life changed due to an accident, she lost her leg halfway through her pregnancy. She had many surgeries over the past two years, she explains saying, “It has been hard, really hard.” She also explains how glad she is to return back home to her family, her son and her husband, saying, “Finally now after being away for nearly two months alone due to COVID-19 restrictions, to undergo my last surgery, I came back home, back to my son, to my husband and to my family whom I can’t live without.”

Hammad shows her strength, her power and her happiness as a “proud” amputee after two years of moving from one continent to the other saying, “I am different and yes, THIS IS ME two years later.”

She explains that in the process of recovery, she learned many things including “that you can be complete without being complete.” She further elaborates on how society always expects completion but with no real or solid definition of what being complete is, which made her tell people that they should “define being complete [themselves]” not society. She tells people that it’s okay not to finish a project and that “we are not finished.”

She expresses her feelings through the post saying “I am grateful for the pain that made me see life in a different way, and for counting my blessings that we all take for granted.”

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