Picture of the Day: George Nissen, Inventor of the Trampoline, Goes Airborne Atop Egypt’s Khufu Pyramid

We’ve all had a time in our lives when we were obsessed with trampolines, whether during our childhood or even as adults. But none of us probably ever thought of the man who invented it. Well, it was the eccentric genius, George Nissen.

George Nissen was an American gymnast who was deeply passionate about gymnastics and committed to promoting it as a foundation for overall fitness. In 1976, Nissen was striving to introduce the trampoline as a sport to the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation in hopes of it eventually competing in an Olympic event. Apart from the trampoline, Nissen has more than 35 patents registered. This awesome picture of Nissen was taking while he was airborne at the top of Khufu in 1977.

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