People Need to Stop Claiming Facebook Page ‘Underground’ Is Responsible for Church Bombings

There’s a page called “تحت الارض – Underground” that has been causing a huge controversy over social media, and people are legitimately scared. For those who don’t know, the page is a supposed satanic page that has been going viral for almost a month, and somehow, the page got connected with the recent attacks.


It’s a very Egyptian thing to make a big deal out of absolutely nothing, and this is exactly the case. An obvious trolling page is now a paranormal terrorist page. Of course, why not? You actually believe it’s a real page? Let us debunk it for you.


A generic picture of an ’emo’ girl via Tumblr


The page basically posts pictures taken from Tumblr and posts them with captions of, mostly, translated satanic metal songs, and crediting them to the “servants;” what they call themselves. The page went very viral; however, a couple of weeks ago when one of the admins made a video of herself and her emo bangs trying to be as edgy as she can and made everyone reminisce the Myspace days.


Via Underground


Everyone followed the page and took it as a joke, exactly like what it was intended. Then TV host Wael El Ibrashy featured the page and had a phone call with one of the page’s admins, and that’s when the page reached a mainstream status.


The phone call had a guy explain the satanic rituals they make, and the things that could only be described as petty. The page later said the man on the phone wasn’t an admin on the page and that they don’t know him.


Right after the attacks, a screenshot from the page (which didn’t even have the same profile picture as the original page) claimed that they were responsible for the church bombings. Yes, Dream TV didn’t even bother to see if the two profile pictures were the same.




The original page has been deactivated, but many parodies and copycats are still up and running. People on Facebook are still convinced that the page is behind the attacks.


El Ibrashy continued to report on his show that the page is still running, with no further evidence. He even suggested that the page is being run by ISIS. The former assistant of the Minister of Interior has also agreed with him.



The page is nothing but an attempt to gather attention from a girl who is a frequent Tumblr user. There’s no other deeper meaning behind it. The picture she uses are mostly from horror sites. The picture that’s going viral that has them claiming it’s the organization that’s running the page is in fact a picture from the KKK organization in the United States. A simple reverse image search will show you that.




The fact that some of us are leaving actual terrorism and actually believe the some fake devil worshipers were in charge of the church bombings prove that our nation does need a lot to learn. This is disrespecting to the families and loved ones of the fallen victims.



WE SAID THIS: Egypt, please stop focusing on petty events and look at the big picture.