Pentagon Praises Refugees on the Same Day Trump Plans to Ban Them from US

Via Business Insider


Donald Trump seems to be on a roll ever since he entered the White House. The United States president already took sweeping actions against abortion laws and reinstated the global gag rule which is exactly what American women have been fighting against.


Via Dept of Defense


But the horror did not end there. Trump also cleared the way for the controversial Dakota pipelines construction, which left protesters terrified of leak and contamination. Now the two things everyone is extremely worried about these past couple of days are the refugee banning law and building a Mexico border wall, which Trump seems to be proceeding with anyway.


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Yet amidst all the racism, misogyny and Islamophobia, The US Department of Defense praised a soldier who came to the US as a refugee. The department posted the inspirational story of Corporal Ali J Mohammed, a refugee who turned into a marine. This happened the same day Trump decided to prevent all Syrian refugees and Muslim Immigrants from entering the United States as part of national security. We’re not exactly sure what this means, but it seems that no one is on Trump’s side.



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