Partying On A Monday

Who said you can’t party on weekdays?

Although the curfew in Egypt has made pretty much everyone depressed and weekends aren’t really considered weekends anymore, at least we can party on weekdays!

The only bright side of this curfew is that most things literally end by 10pm, which allows you to get a good night’s sleep if you have work in the morning. Unless you have insomnia. Then you’re just screwed.

Now the only question is, where should I go tonight?

You have two choices today:


Cairo Jazz Club

DJ Shawky will be playing all evening, giving you nothing but the best from vocals to progressive house. You’ll definitely be on your feet.

For reservations call: 010-6880-4764


Amici Zamalek

And the TOYBOYS are back! Diya Nouman and Youssef Sami are here to give you the latest house music, with a twist. A guaranteed good time.

For reservations call: 010-9332-3333