Palestinian Singer, Maysa Daw, Goes Supersonic with her Music Career

Via Bandcamp

When you stumble upon a guitar-driven singer who’s living inside the green lines of Palestine, with indie energy and a lot to express, you know for sure that the outcome must be phenomenal!

Maysa, the daughter of Actor, Salim Daw, released her debut album, “Between City Walls”, in June 2017. Daw has since gone on to perform several gigs as her career continues to skyrocket. The singer was in Chicago last month to perform at Palipalooza, not just that, but she’s also heading to Switzerland to perform as part of a musical collaboration called the Basel-Ramallah Project. Additionally, she recently finished recording an album with the Palestinian hip-hop band, DAM, that she joined five years ago.

Maysa’s music is purely influenced by her childhood in Haifa along with her artistic roots. She hit the stage when she was only 10 years old!

WE SAID THIS: Grab your earphones and enjoy some of her surreal music here!