Pakistani Man on a Saudi Flight Forces Emergency Landing Because He Missed His Wife

Via Parhlo
Via Parhlo


Is this true love or what? Imagine you just got married, then your husband gets a new job in Saudi Arabia. Now imagine that husband, who’s so desperately in love with you, actually lies to a whole plane crew to get back in your arms! Sigh…big time. reported a Pakistani man was on a flight to Saudi Arabia, for a new job, when he suddenly started throwing a tantrum on a Shaheen air flight. Irfan Hakim Ali stood on his chair and started screaming. The newly-wed had to lie and claim that his wife died. Now, the best part is that the plane crew actually felt for him and started an emergency landing.


After leaving the plane, the man confessed that he just missed his wife dearly and couldn’t bear leaving her. Oh my God! Is this a new Nicholas Sparks novel?



WE SAID THIS: Nothing, not even a flight, can stand in the way of true love. We want this plot in a Ramadan mosalsal ASAP.


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