Overcoming Addiction: The Benefits of Resort Rehabs

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By Jefferey Buckley

Recovery from addiction is a challenging process, which is why it’s important to go to a drug detox centre or something if you can. Thus, the decision to start it is often accompanied by mixed feelings; excitement and hope from one side, and hesitation and fear of new experiences from the other.

Some people just don’t like the idea of spending a month, or even more, in a clinical type treatment center. If you’re one of them, we have great news for you; it’s possible to go into a resort rehab which offers luxurious facilities to make your stay there as comfortable as possible. While helping you overcome any of your demons and addictions.

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Treatment of drug and alcohol addiction in a luxury rehab

Resort rehabilitation centers are what they sound like. They are usually situated in beautiful locations; like near the sea, the mountains, or the desert. Actually, you can find a resort rehab nearly in every part of the world. They function in Egypt, the U.S, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica, Spain, Switzerland, and other countries.

Of course, the goal of a suitable rehab resort is not to spend a good time at a picturesque place and engage in fun healthy activities. First and foremost, the mission of these centers is helping the client break the vicious cycle of addiction, such as if they are an alcoholic. You’ll undergo the basic elements of a traditional treatment program, such as medically assisted detoxification, addiction therapy, and additional holistic therapies. If you want to find out more about holistics rehab information you are interested in learning more.

The benefits of resort rehabs

Some of the advantages of getting addiction treatment at a resort rehab are:

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#1 The beauty of nature accelerates treatment progress

Studies show that being in nature or viewing beautiful natural landscapes can reduce anger, stress, and anxiety. Exposure to nature also contributes to physical well-being. It reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. For a recovering person, it’s important to keep positive moods and stay physically strong in order to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

#2 Individual approach

Luxury rehabs don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach; personalization is a priority there. These rehabs employ licensed and skilled staff that can understand and accommodate clients’ lifestyles during the recovery process. Such relationships guarantee special and competent attention and care.

#3 High anonymity and privacy

For people who hold the positions in the eye of the public and live under pressure, going to a remote rehab is just what they need. Fear of stigma may be so strong that it can interfere with the desire to get into inpatient facilities.

Privacy is a great advantage of rehabilitation resorts. A client can help run away from the spotlight and fully focus on the healing process. And going to a resort destination is actually a true answer to the question, “Where have you been all this time?”

#4 Exclusive amenities

If your lifestyle is far from common, you need housing that matches your standards. Top-tier rehabs provide amenities that create a favorable therapeutic atmosphere. Aside from a picturesque location, they offer private rooms, gourmet food, and swimming pools.

Depending on what rehab resort you choose, there will be some extracurricular activities. For example, yoga and meditation classes, spa services, massage therapies, acupuncture, equine therapy. Those in addition to fitness and recreational activities; like tennis, hiking, and beach sports. The availability of the amenities you like can be a decisive factor in choosing a rehab.

#5 The possibility to keep working

Work obligations shouldn’t stop you from seeking help for substance abuse. Some resort rehabs allow using phone and laptop for business purposes. This is very important for high-profile executives that can’t leave the office for a whole month or even more.

Things to consider

Drug rehab resort is probably the best addiction treatment option available. Understandably, the price corresponds to the quality. Since the length of programs ranges from 30 to 90 days, the services can add up to a few thousand dollars per week.

It’s important to determine if the desirable amenities are a necessity for the recovering addict and if the cost of a certain center’s services is within your budget. Note that some centers don’t accept insurance. Some of the rehabs offer special financing if a patient can’t pay the full amount immediately. Anyway, getting treatment is cheaper than to keep abusing alcohol or drugs.

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Clients shouldn’t take living in a luxury rehab as being on a holiday. Professional staff members won’t let them become sidetracked from the main goal of recovery, no matter who the client is. Overcoming an addiction can’t be an easy and smooth process. But resort rehab centers make their best to remove as many of the challenges as possible.

About the Author

Jaffrey Buckley is a columnist who focuses on drug use/abuse in the sport. His works aim to prevent athletes from improper drug use showing the consequences of abuse.

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