27% of Drug Users and Addicts in Egypt Are Women

Via Mohamed Salah


Ever since Ramadan hit show Ta7t El-Saytara (Under Control) sneaked its way into every Arab’s heart and mind, the way people perceive drugs has never been the same. You always think it’s just this one time with your friends; what’s the worst that can happen? It’s just a party drug after all. Then it’s a second time; a third time, and then a hundredth time! Without realizing, you have become dependent on that party drug but won’t admit it to yourself.


For years, Egypt has been trying to start awareness campaigns on drug abuse. From religion men like Amr Khaled, celebrities like Mohamed Ramadan and athletes like Mohamed Salah, everyone has been trying to shed light on addiction. Last year, the Ministry of Social Solidarity launched the campaign “You Are Stronger than Drugs” that had Ramadan and Salah as the faces of the campaign.


Wali announced last night on Amr Adib’s show on ONE channel, Kol Youm, that Egypt turned to celebrities to fight addiction as viewers get inspired by them when it comes to awareness campaigns.


The Minister of Social Solidarity added that 27% of drug users and addicts are women, which is an alarming rate that needs to be addressed. Watch the interview below:


وزيرة التضامن لـ”ON E”: 27% من المدمنين… من طرف youm7



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